03 December, 2012

A little Myanmar trip

The Myanmar trip was confirmed more than 1 year ago when there was irresistible an airfare promotion. At that point of time, it was still considered a country less visited until the political change this year and suddenly, everyone wanted to go. Should have visited the country earlier when it is not so open up, but I guess Myanmar will evolve even greater just in a few months time.

Domestic flight booking is something rather painful, considering that my friend and I tried booking by ourselves and it doesn't help to be during a peak season. The Myanmar agents are not that responsive and the air fares prices can change anytime, so we resorted to booking via local travel agent instead. Fortunately, found one that charged at a reasonable price, even cheaper than what Myanmar quoted. Phew, what a relief. In Myanmar, travelling around is definitely not cheap and in my opinion it is more expensive than Singapore! There seems to be not much room for bargaining. Every taxi/boat charge a fixed price, acting like a group of syndicate. Perhaps traveling by tour group will be handy in this situation, but prefer backpacking experience anytime.

We went Yangon, Bagan, Heho and back to Yangon again in total of 7 days and I enjoyed Heho @ Inle Lake the best. We happened to be there during the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival, the celebration of carrying sacred Buddha images on a barge from village to village around the lake. The scene was really spectacular. We watched the event while siting on our boat together with the local around us. After this trip, I made a mental note to travel to a country during their festival if I can because it was so fun, a very good way to understand other culture.

Ok shall end the post abruptly here :p
BTW, there is something in common for all the pictures posted, see if you can spot it.
(nope, not because they are all in B/W)